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The Latest News

2024 Spring Update


The global coffee supply chain has stabalized somewhat since the height of the pandemic. Some of our favorite farms are once again shipping beans to the US but in smaller quantities and at much higher prices. 


Our website has everything currently in stock, although some in very limited quantities. We roast to order at least once per week and ship the next day. The USPS does an outstanding job of delivering in a timely manner, local mail is next day, most of the country within 3 days.


We are still roasting for local (porch) pickup, fast, flat-fee mail, or Saturday morning Post Office Meetup (on Gilman).


New Arrivals: Want to try the latest beans? We have an entire category dedicated to new beans in our inventory in one, easy to find place. Check our our New Arrivals!


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Get your Valente Family Coffee Merchandise on our Etsy site!

Looking for other ways to support our family coffee endeavour? We have launched an Etsy Store where you can purchase merchandise created by our team of in-house designers. Check back often as each of our kids will be creating some unique coffee-ware in the coming months.


If you would like to see something we haven't thought of, drop us a note and we'll do our best to get it made!

Featured - Guatemala - Captzin Huehuetenango

March 2024

Discover the essence of Captzin Huehuetenango, where the mystical cloud forests of the highlands nurture exceptional coffee cherries, resulting in a coffee beloved for its balance and playful acidity. These family farms, rooted in the mountains of Huehue for generations, bring a blend rich with the stories of the land and the resilience of its people. Captzin, more than just coffee, embodies the legend of love and deceit, connecting every sip to the sacred and storied lands of the Mayan people.
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate and Almond base with hints of fresh bread, orange, and berries


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Valente Family Coffee started as a way to teach our 5 kids about entrepreneurship and running a small business. We officially launched in 2016 after years of sharing our small-batch roasting with friends and family. We offer our beans to discerning coffee drinkers across the country through our mail-order business and locally we have launched a mobile coffee roastery serving the Greater Issaquah / Eastside area.

Valente Family Coffee is looking for Cafe Space and / or a place to host our Mobile Roastery!

We are looking for a cool, unique cafe space in Issaquah or a place that would be willing to host our trailer on the weekends (we just need access to power). If you have any hints, tips, or leads we would appreciate it!


Great coffee demystified! 

Coffee should be fun and approachable not snooty and pretentious. We want you to enjoy coffee as much as we do... if you have any questions, we are here to answer them. 

Our mission at Valente Family Coffee Roasters is to find and roast great coffee. We source green coffee from companies that support the farmers who grow their beans in a responsible manner for both their workers and the environment. Our roasting process brings out what we feel is the greatest expression of a bean. Great Coffee... Demystified!

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New Coffees added!

Check out our New Arrivals section!


We roast to order to ensure that our beans are fresh.


Click the link above to order our carefully curated beans or blends.


Read the story to the right to see what we mean by "Curated".


Sorry, but we can only ship in the Continental US at this time.

What does "Curated" mean?

In a nutshell, Curated means we are going to surprise you with the beans we are most excited about. Think of this as an adventure where you get to try something delightfully unexpected and delicious.


If you have questions about what we are currently roasting or would like to make a request for something special, please contact us by email at


Our Guarantee: If you don't like the coffee we send you, we will replace it at no charge. 

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